Here you can find many of the answer you are looking for concerning Stats For Poker. If you do not find your answer feel free to contact us at support@statsforpoker.com.

How Much Does StatsForPoker Cost?

The investment is $19.99 monthly, you can cancel at any time by sending an e-mail. By using our software it should take you less than 1 day to recoup your investment.

Do I receive software updates for free?

Yes all updates are free! You don't pay a dime more than the monthly subscription rate.

How Many Games do you Record/Store in Your Database?

We record approximately 90% of the games a player plays, depending on the network.

What type of computer do I need for StatsForPoker?

Any computer can do searches thru our website. However to use our software you will need any version of Windows XP or Windows Vista.

What happens once I purchase StatsForPoker?

You can immediately use the Username and Password to conduct online searches. However most customers prefer to download and install the software (takes about 5 minutes) and then use the software to search entire tables at the click of a button.

I have a question that isn't answered here, how do I get help?

Please e-mail us at support@statsforpoker.com and we'll answer your question within 12 hours.


How do I start playing?

Version 2.4.3 released for ALL customers on 23rd of November 2008! We have fixed FullTilt overlay problems. This is a mandatory upgrade, please upgrade now!
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User comments

Tom Jacobs , Seattle, WA : "Just wanted to say thank you. I've been on a winning streak lately, and it's at least partially due to StatsForPoker. I've tried other stat tracking services, but what really sold me on your product is that I could check the stats for the entire table just by clicking one button."
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