Below Are A Few Comments We Received From Our Customers:


Tom Jacobs , Seattle, WA :

"Just wanted to say thank you. I've been on a winning streak lately, and it's at least partially due to StatsForPoker. I've tried other stat tracking services, but what really sold me on your product is that I could check the stats for the entire table just by clicking one button."


Tony McWilliams, Cranbury, NJ :

"I've been showing my friends StatsForPoker, I think it's amazing that I can instantly know whether the player sitting next to me is a winner or a loser. I'm now adjusting my strategies according to how well they play. Any plans on adding more sites?"


Alvin James, Arkansas City, KS :

"Thanks for helping me get the software installed. Now that I've got it up and running I've been exploiting the losing players early in SNG's. It seems like every tournament has 3 or 4 bad players, and now that I can identify them early, I can get their chips and have an advantage late game. I've always been a winning player, but this is taking me to the next level. See you at the tables!"


Tiffany Masters , Minneapolis, MN:

"Just wanted to let you know your program kicks ass. I mostly use it to check my own stats, but when I get close to the bubble it's nice to see others as well."



We would like to thank you all for providing us with such a valuable feedback.

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