Try Three Free Sample Searches for Fulltilt Poker Players Every Day!

You can use the form above, or click HERE to try out StatsForPoker for free. This is a sample of our web based search so you can look for individual players. However, as an actual customer you will receive cutting edge software which will search all the players at the table with the click of a button

If for any reason you cannot access the sample searches (dial up users and some others) please e-mail us and we'll give you a temporary pass instead.

Click HERE to buy unlimitled searches. You will also get StatsForPoker application which automatically gets the stats for the players you're playing with. It then displays this info next to their FullTilt avatars. Here's an example of how you can use this - if you know you're playing against a bad player who basically plays to lose, and he goes all-in, you will increase your chances of winning significantly. One click is all it takes to get all the players' info.

Here are some screenshots of the software you will receive after purchasing StatsForPoker:

fulltilt poker table

This is a screenshot of the overlay feature, it puts each players stats right on your table. All you have to do to receive this information is hit the "Get Stats for Table" button!


This is our main software page. It includes the ability to search for individual players, but more importantly, the "Get Stats for Table" button will scan all open tables and present the results in the white window. All columns can be sorted, and individual player names can be clicked on for more information, including what their stats are at each buy in level.



This is a detailed breakdown of a player's history. To get this you simply double click on the player name in the main StatsForPoker window (shown above). Here you get much more detailed information such as a breakdown of the players skill at various buy in levels. Most importantly, the graph at the bottom shows how much money the player has won or lost over time!